There are many cloud services out there, like Google-Drive, OneDrive, and others. But my favourites are these:

Copy (15 GB free)
Fast, simple and lots of free space. I like it.

Box (10 GB free)
Intended for Business Users it is not the fastest but a reliable cloud service. Best is: The often have promos that give you 50GB for free.

Cubby (5 GB free)
Cubby is the option to go for if you want to share existing folders. I use it for sharing dev-files (e.g. //localhost) that need to be in a specific place and change constantly.

Dropbox (2GB free)
Well, Dropbox ist still Dropbox – expensive, but widely used


filezilla – The FTP client I use

Netbeans IDE is a free and open source development plattform to build web applications.


Google Analytics: THE web analytics platform

Piwik – Free an Open Source alternative to Google Analytics

Mixpanel – User centric tracking based on events; free with limitations

Optimizely – A/B Testing, affordable and easy to manage

CrazyEgg – Heatmap Tool, free with limitations

ClickHeat – Free an Open Source alternative to Crazy Egg

Tag Management

Google Tag Manager – What else?

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